Keep Moving Mama!

Prenatal & Postnatal Personal Training, Yoga, & Pilates

Expert Training for Prenatal & Postnatal Mamas!

Navigate your birth year with an expert approach to safe and fun Personal Training, Yoga, and Pilates and specifically designed to keep you strong and flexible. Improve your physical and mental health through pregnancy, labor, delivery and fourth trimester.


The benefits of training with Jenn during your pregnancy

  • Connecting with the breath helps with labor!

  • Lower your risk of gestational diabetes by 27%.

  • Cultivate a stronger abdominal wall & resilient pelvic floor.

  • Gain more oomph! and stamina in the pushing stage.

  • Prevent and treat Diastasis Recti.

  • Experience a more confident and mobile pregnancy.

  • Exercise during pregnancy boosts baby’s brain development and IQ.

  • Recover faster and enjoy your tiny person more!


“Jenn has been training me for nearly 8 years, through my first pregnancy, recovery and now a twin pregnancy. Her wisdom and knowledge are unparalleled to anyone else I have met in the industry. She brings endless energy and spunk to our sessions that drives my commitment and more importantly, my enjoyment! My body has been its strongest since working with her as I am about to deliver two babes after a seamless pregnancy. Jenn’s knowledge of body mechanics has helped address injuries and limitations as they have arrived and somehow she has never had me do the same workout twice! She is a spectacular, unique and truly wonderful trainer. ”
- Jenn C.


Let's talk about your journey & get you moving!