Weight Loss, at it's heart is about feeling full

The trick to actually feeling full: Eating in Phoenix

Satiety is the feeling of fullness after eating that suppresses the urge to eat for a period of time after a meal. Feeling full plays an important role in controlling how much we eat.


We are lucky to live in a corner of Arizona that is full of some best farm to table restaurants, hiking trails, boutique fitness, and farmers markets. We have so many tools at our disposal to live and eat in a mindful, nourishing ENJOYABLE way. That's why solving the issue of satiety is the key to looking, and feeling your best.

If we feel really full or ‘satiated’ after a meal then we are likely to go much longer before we feel hungry and may eat less at the next meal.

But, if we don't feel very full, we are likely to get hungry again more quickly and may be tempted to snack or eat more at the next meal. So, if we can understand how to enhance these feelings of fullness or ‘satiety’, this will help to control how much we eat.

Quick tips for feeling full & staying full longer:

  • Healthy Omega-3 Fats found in Seafood, Nuts, Seeds, Avocado, Olives and Coconut increase satiety levels so make sure to include them into your meals on a daily basis. Try adding avocado to your favorite grass fed burger, heart-healthy nuts to your favorite salad, or coconut to your next smoothie.

  • Keep stress levels to a minimum. Increased stress increases cravings for empty calorie foods like sugar and processed carbohydrates due to a need for a quick energy.

  • Eat more fiber. Delicious fiber rich foods such as lentils, beans, green vegetables, berries and avocados. have lots of nutrient dense benefits, and studies show that higher fiber intakes help to suppress hunger.

  • Exercise. Engaging in moderate intensity exercise aids in the suppression of gherlin, a hormone that stimulates hunger and an increase in peptide YY, a hormone that suppresses appetite.

Ready to really focus on yourself? (You're going to feel so much better.)